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The ultimate goal of chiropractic medicine is to improve and sustain the functionality of the nervous system. When our nervous system is in optimal health it communicates with all other systems in our bodies. 

Dr. Collene Froberg delivers chiropractic care that not only focuses on the nervous system but on the entirety of the musculoskeletal system and its biomechanics. 

Treatment includes manual or passive methods including diversified adjusting technique, activator protocol or pulsatory manipulations with the Arthrostim instrument. 

Because of the biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system, the soft tissue involvement must be addressed. Soft tissue technique including massage, pin and release technique and trigger point therapy are utilized. Instrument assisted soft tissue techniques used include the Rockblade and Rockpod (similar to cupping) techniques.

Unique to many chiropractors, Dr. Collene does not use a broad-based, life long commitment methods. Treatment plans are individualized and collaborated with the patient. Progress and goals are frequently discussed and re-evaluated appropriately. At home care is provided which includes stretching protocols, strengthening exercises and nutritional support. 

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Massage Therapy 

Although massage is commonly thought to be for relaxation purposes only, the health benefits are becoming more apparent. Manipulation of our muscles and fascia are beneficial to relieve muscle tension, spasm and other muscular disfunction. Massage therapy is also an adjunct therapy to support anxiety, headaches, sports injury, muscle sprain/strain, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and many more conditions you may suffer from.

Our licensed massage therapists combine for over 30+ years of massage experience. Their expertise ranges from gentle technique to therapeutic deep pressures. Inclusion of silicon cupping technique, hot towel therapy and essential oils uses may be incorporated into care sessions.

Therapeutic Cupping


Small silicon "cups" are placed on problem areas to allow for improved range of motion, increased tissue mobility and pain modulation. The Rockpod technique uses the science of tissue gliding, fascial decompression and increased blood and nutrient flow to heal damaged and stressed muscle tissues. Ten minutes of this technique can have the same benefits of a two hour deep tissue massage.

Diagnostic Imaging

Having in house imaging is a huge benefit for many patients. It gives an inside look at the dysfunction of your skeletal alignment which we can use for another useful tool to help dissolve your pain.


However, skeletal imaging is not required for treatment and only warranted if there's been a recent injury, less than optimal response to treatment or other red flags for care. 

All imaging is reviewed and sent to a chiropractic radiologist. Films are given a second opinion and each patient will receive their own copy of their radiology report. 

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doTerra Oils

A recent trend, essential oils are limitless with their simple, home uses. Being a local distributor, oils can be purchased in office or pre-ordered monthly. DoTerra oils are of the highest quality and purest form to promote the best results in health and wellness.


Oils can be utilized topically, internally or diffused and the wide array of uses span from relaxation, digestive aid, tension relief, anxious feelings and so, so much more. Education on how to use oils are provided and questions are encouraged.

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